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Bright Day

by Emily Rodgers

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New beginnings and sunshine daydreams in the text of songs, And recollections of ourselves, In gifts given in 6/8 time, and time is still. You’re something I never thought I’d see, in my own flawed recognition, But now I see you for what you are, in grace, where I never thought I’d be. I was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1999 Without words what do we have? I said without words what do we have? Spring thaw, I’m drowning in spring downpours And words finally said to willing listeners, Lives lived in the manner we’d imagined. I’m cleaned out, I’m sobered up, Pen’s flowing too fast for words or recognition. And in spring alchemy I wake up not alone, Though old mistakes follow me and wake me in the night. I was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1999 Without words what do we have? I said without words what do we have?
Hell 04:11
I don’t know what you meant to me, and I don’t know what you want from me, But I fear I’m on my way back to hell. It’s tin soldiers but Nixon he ain’t coming— he’s been dead for years and I’m finally on my own. You said I don’t know who I am, but I know who I’m not and they say that God’s whoever you perform for. I’m on my way... I’ve tried so hard to laugh I’ve cried, I can feel myself tightening around you. You are razor-sharp, but I like the edge— sharp as envy. I’m on my way...
The dead don’t heal If that’s the sound of us all waking up, I tried to make things right. It’s killing me. They say it’s killing me, but I don’t’ speak in rhymes. No, I don’t deal in rhyme. But the dead don’t heal It’s too much, this dealing in death. It leaves me on the edge. And I’m watched, I hope he is watching, He is where he belongs. But the dead don’t heal Hey now, the ghost rides on The ghost rides on
Hurricane 05:29
Check under the house, you’ll find the fuse. It’s in the air you’ll find the spark. I’m not afraid of the sun, I am not afraid of you. I have visions of when we were married. I have visions of hospitals at night. I seek forgiveness for having asked too much of love. And I’ve got a few things to say to the one who broke your heart. It’s one more for the road, cuz Tuesday’s finally gone like a hurricane. I have fallen down the stairs. I have covered up my scars. I have been haunted by a ghost whose name I do not know. It’s like drowning in the dark and fading into black. There are those who hold on I am willing to be saved.
Bright Day 04:04
A bright day, like no other day. I was dead on my feet, Laying hands on lost souls. I’d get high and wait for you to let me in, While you’re going quietly mad (x2) Stars fell on Alabama, And they almost ran us down. I’ll be smoking in my grave, Cuz you don’t want a wife anymore (x2)
When everyone is better than me, and I fear they’ve always been. And how is it I envy what I don’t even want? But it’s this voice that carries me through, when I fear I’m dried up at 24 and there’s so much more Creations surround me, and I wish I could cry, But I’m holding out to please. I’m holding out to find something good, or something fine. It’s sleepless nights and dreams that just won’t quit, the just won’t quit. And I’m done touring hospitals, looking for my own. Yes, great depressions surround me, but my wounds are my own.
They’re writing songs about me. I know they’re riding without me. Out all night in the cold, I’m sorry I tired you on. Can you see me now? The sky has opened up and carried him away. I am here for the first time. Faded fingerprints on glass, This is not the way I feel. It’s his walk, his stagger. I want to follow him all the way down.
This Town 04:36
This world’s hard, but it’s not cold. Cuz you have faith and you believe, While I have dread. But the sun is coming out on this here town. I miss my voice when it’s gone, and it’s gone. With your whispered words, you’re leading me on. Lead on. It’s a long and lonely walk, When I’m walking from here to there. And I know you. I fear I’m just like you. We can’t take it, we can’t take it, we can’t take it.


A few items that will never go out of fashion in popular music are breathy female vocals, reverb, and violin accompaniments. Pittsburgh’s Emily Rodgers has all three in spades in her latest release Bright Day. Siren song mixes with twangy guitar at a slow tempo to create a moody, melancholy ambiance reminiscent of Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star. Rodgers clearly knows her sweet spot and teases out of the vocals a righteous blend of Hope Sandoval, Shany Kedar, and a little bit of the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan (if she was on valium). "In Spring Alchemy" and "Hell" provide genuinely bracing musical moments. When the violin strings build to crescendo behind Rodgers' narrative during "In Spring Alchemy," a tragedy unfolds, exacting a sort of cathartic relief that is only possible in art. "Can You See Me Now?" picks up the tempo with a 10,000 Maniacs rock strut and Natalie Merchant-style balladeering. The sad undertones of the album may not make your day bright, but Bright Day might make your next mixtape.

Produced by the legendary Kramer (Galaxie 500), who has praised Rodgers as "a songwriter in the classic sense of the term."


released September 1, 2009

Produced by Kramer and Josh Antonuccio
Engineered by Josh Antonuccio, 3 Elliot Studios
Mixed and mastered by Kramer at Noise Miami

Emily Rodgers - Guitar, Vocals
Erik Cirelli - Guitars, Lap Steel
Paul Smith - Percussion, Piano, Organ
Austin Osterhout - Bass, Organ, Viola
Michele Bartos - Cello
Josh Antonuccio - Guitar

Cover art by Sherry Dooley

All songs by Emily Rodgers
All songs published by Saint Camelia (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Emily Rodgers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Produced by Kramer (Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Will Oldham), who calls her "a songwriter in the classic sense of the term."

Emily Rodgers's music has been compared to Mazzy Star, Cat Power, and Neil Young.

Rodgers has shared stages with artists including: Magnolia Electric Company, Great Lake Swimmers, and Jolie Holland.
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